Terms & Conditions

Island Safari (B'dos) Ltd. Terms

All guests who choose to participate in activities during our excursions, including but not limited to walking, swimming, snorkeling, playing games, visiting attraction sites etc., agree to participate in these activities at their own risk. Island Safari Barbados Ltd. is not responsible for any loss or injury which may occur off our vehicles or vessels. All claims against the company or any if its affiliates shall be subject to the laws of Barbados and the High Court of Barbados shall be the accepted jurisdiction.

Rescheduling Policy

Reservations can be rescheduled at no charge, based on availability, if you contact us 48 hours or more prior to the original reservation.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations up to 1 week prior will receive a full refund. Cancellations up to 72 hours prior will receive a 75% refund. No refunds will be issued within 72 hours. 

Under specific circumstances where an entire tour needs to be cancelled, including excessively poor weather conditions or an Act of God, all tours will be rescheduled for the next available date. Applicable refunds will take about 3-7 days to process.

Land Participation Guidelines

Get ready for one of the best days of your vacation! We promise to take you to some of the most beautiful places on the island, almost completely inaccessible by regular tour buses, but no problem for our specially designed 4x4 Safari Toyota Land Cruisers.

Below are some points to remember.

  • Specially designed 4x4 vehicles
  • Covered open cab with great and easy viewing of all sites
  • Equipped with comfortable seats, seat belts, and padded roll bars for passenger safety
  • Easy access step into vehicle
  • Seating capacity of 10 seats
  • PA system, fire extinguisher and first aid kits on-board
  • No children under 4 years permitted, only children ages 5 - 12 years

What to Bring:It is best that comfortable light practical clothing be worn along with comfortable flat shoes. For land and sea tours, swimsuits should be worn under clothing and passengers should bring along a towel and suntan lotion. Also don't forget to bring your camera, fully charged!

Participation Guidelines: It is recommended that persons be in moderately good health, and those with back, neck or any physical condition/ailments or who are pregnant, should not participate in these tours. Persons with limited mobility can participate in these tours once they feel they are able to do so unassisted, but should be aware that some minimal walking and periods of standing are required. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs. Due to the design of our seating, a strict maximum weight per participant of 260lbs is enforced. Participants must adhere to all safety briefs given at the start and during the tour. When on-board the vehicle passengers are to remain seated with fastened seat belts at all times. The terrain can be bumpy, wet and muddy at times. Please listen to and obey your driver guide at all times. We require the signature of all participants after the have read and acknowledged the safety guidelines prior to departure.

Please note all tour itineraries are subject to change without notice.


Sea Participation Guidelines

What to Bring and Wear:  On this powerboat cruise you will get WET!! Make sure to wear your swim wear under your clothes and bring along a towel and sunscreen. If you have your own snorkel gear you are free to bring it with you. Due to the nature of the thriller cruises, it is not advisable to bring along any electronic equipment.

Participation Guidelines:  These cruises can be wet and bumpy at times!  Seafari's powerboat rides are not suitable for pregnant women, elderly persons and persons with medical conditions. We do not recommend that persons with back, neck or other ailments take this excursion. Due to the design of upright seating onboard the vessel, a strict maximum weight per participant of 220lbs is enforced.

Children under the age of 5 years are not allowed.

Persons wishing to participate in the snorkeling and beach swim MUST be able to swim. Snorkel equipment provided includes masks, snorkels and snorkel vests that must be worn at each snorkel site.  Fins are issued on a request basis at the Shipwreck site only; these cannot be used at the turtle site for the safety of the turtles and other visitors.

Participants must adhere to all safety briefs given at the start of the tour and during the excursion. There is a safety brief that we require all participants to read and sign prior to departure from the pier.

Please note all tour itineraries are subject to change without notice.