Boat Tours

If power boat adventures and snorkeling is more your style, our Go-Fast tours will offer the excitement and experience of an authentic off-shore power boat as we blast across the waves at top speed in complete safety and comfort. Our professional and well trained crew will promise to deliver the best in service as you explore our underwater world, where you can swim with sea turtles and explore sunken shipwrecks teaming with thousands of fish, at one of the island's best sites, the Berwyn Shipwreck located in Carlisle Bay Marine Park.

Time: 2 Hours: Sunday to Saturday


Spend two or more hours at your own leisurely pace aboard one of our sleek powerboats. This customized tour caters to your needs, ensuring that you get the snorkeling experience you dreamed of!


Snorkel vests, masks and fins. 

Charter Prices (full boat)
US$513 Wildcat
US$1000 Thriller
Time: 8:00am, Thursdays & Saturdays.


Let us whisk you away to meet our friendly green turtles, before the crowds! Snorkel amongst historic shipwrecks where you'll see some beautiful coral formations and other sea life. Afterwards, recharge in the sunlight!


Transfer, snorkel masks, snorkel vests & fins (only allowed at shipwreck site).

Refreshments and a light lunch at Copacabana Beach Bar.


US$77 Adult
US$47 Child